Quick update: stats tracking and default page templates


Stats tracking

I've been in touch with Wikia to see if we can get access to stats for the wiki so we can see how we're doing and figure out what to focus on to improve the wiki.

We may not have enough content / active members to be eligible yet, but they'll let us know. I'll update the comments section of this with the result once I have it. 

Making the wiki look nicer

Also, I'm currently working towards improving the default page templates for the wiki so the headings look nice like Wikipedia's pages (with nice spacing and bolded text).

I also plan to update the smaller sub-headings so they don't keep going down in size, and become rediculously small once you hit the sub-heading #4. 

Want to help?

If you are good with CSS and wiki editing and would like to help, please let me know!