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Needs more content:

Citation needed:

Needs cleaning up:

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Template name Information / description Who's doing it
Disambiguation Draw on:
Merge article a Merge article template. We could draw on:
Articles requiring cleanup
Articles with insufficient citation
Articles with incomplete sections
This page in a nutshell
"this section is incomplete. You can help by expanding it"
This article contains spoilers
This section needs to be expanded draw on for ideas
Need "article has multiple issues" template

Bruce and whoever wants to help (help wanted!)
Create an article needs citation:

"Article needs citation"

Create a "candidate for deletion" template:
a Merge article template. We could draw on:

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What needs doing Who's doing it
Improve our citation needed template drawing on this:

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What needs doing Who's doing it
Could create some image templates drawing on
Could create a spoiler template

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