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A collection of brief quotes about and from Pocket Rumble, and the developers that created it.

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[Talking about how all characters in Pocket Rumble have the same amount of health, specials, supers, and identical hitboxes] April: "[Designing the game that way] does, to a certain extent, I will admit, decrease the depth of our game a little bit. It's a balancing act the whole time."

Interviewer: "What percentage of players reach the depth in Street Fighter 2 Turbo? I'm going to guess it's less than 1%."

April: "I guess what we're trying to do is increase that depth to like, 40 [percent]. We're trying to make a game where a lot of the people who pick it up can get good [at it]. [...] We're trying to make a game where it is much easier for someone to understand and to execute everything you need to play at a competitive level."

Cardboard Robot (Pocket Rumble) - Sup, Holmes? Ep 126 [1]

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Feedback featured on the second Pocket Rumble Kickstarter campaign[2] "I like the simple style and focus on ease of execution that Cardboard Robot is going for. We could use more of that in fighting games. And I hope Geiger turns out great!" David Sirlin, veteran Street Fighter tournament player, lead designer of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix and founder of Sirlin Games
Feedback featured on the second Pocket Rumble Kickstarter campaign[3] "Pocket Rumble is an impressive compilation of accessibility and optimization; the combination of a toggle-able hitbox viewer, a frames bar to show every move's frame counts in real time and all moves performed without complex inputs makes this one of the fastest to learn fighting games on the market without sacrificing complexity. Aside from innovations, the game was fully functional and showed a clear base in fighting game fundamentals. At a glance, I was very satisfied with Pocket Rumble pre-alpha, and hope development continues in the same vein." David "Dacidbro" Broeleit, Persona, Marvel, BlazBlue, and Skullgirls tournament player and commentator
Feedback featured on the second Pocket Rumble Kickstarter campaign[4] "Pocket Rumble is a fun game with a lot of variety, but what I love most is how anyone can pick it up and have fun regardless of their skill. I've thought a lot about using Pocket Rumble to teach people the fundamentals of fighting games. Its controls themselves are a gem." Adelheid Stark, Guilty Gear, Marvel, and Divekick tournament player

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After Christian Stewart and April Sewell talk extensively about the intricacies of Tenchi's super and reversal options, riffing off of each other, the interviewer says to them: "It's clear that your minds are, like, made out of fighting games." Jonathan from the Sup Holmes YouTube series[5]

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