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Software for Edit

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Recording matches Edit

Windows Edit

Name Description Cost? Where to find it
Razer's GameBooster Free
Playclaw 5 USD 37.77 for a Standard License and 1 year of free updates[1]

Linux Edit

iOS Edit

Converting videos for uploading to the internet Edit

Name Description Cost? Where to find it
HandBrake A program with a simple interface that allows you to convert video files to web-optimised mp4.[2] Free

Adding sound, music, and text to videos Edit

Name Description Cost? Where to find it
Lightworks  Can be hard to use, though there are tutorials. Free version available

Websites you can upload videos to Edit

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion

Recording etiquette Edit

If you are recording the match you're having or watching and the chat is visible, be respectful of people's privacy when saving or sharing the video.

I.e. Ideally ask permission (or at least let them know you're recording), unless the recording won't be shared anywhere else and will only be used for your personal, private use.

Some software may let you crop out messages from players.

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