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Position Student
Age High School
Status Unknown
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Weight Unknown

Tenchi is one of the flagship characters of Pocket Rumble, alongside Naomi.


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Tenchi is a Japanese schoolboy with remarkable energy-based powers. He wears a simple uniform consisting of a collared white shirt, black shorts with a belt, and a red tie. He also wears red training gloves and red-and-white sneakers, and his black hair is combed forward into a spiky pompadour-like hairdo.

When Tenchi uses his powers, he gains flaming blue antlers made of a strange ghostly energy. When he is overcome with energy, his eyes go blank and he floats silhouetted in a shaft of bright light.

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Tenchi Theme-0

Tenchi Theme-0

Moveset Edit

Tenchi has a versatile moveset loosely based on Ryu's from the Street Fighter series. Tenchi's fireball, uppercut, hecknd all-around reliable normals make him an easy fighter for beginners to learn.

Movement Options Edit

Tenchi has an average-speed walk and a normal jump arc. Tenchi can dash a set distance either forward or backward with a double-tap in the desired direction.

Normals Edit

Input Description Frame Data Notes
5A A quick jab. Chains into itself. 4/2/5
5B A longer-range hook. 7/4/12
2A A low, swiping kick. 5/4/9 Low
2B A leg sweep. 6/4/19 Low & knockdown
Jumping A An outward aerial kick. 7/7/7 Overhead
Jumping B A midair downward stomp. Cross up normal. 9/15/7 Overhead
Throw Two consecutive knee bashes. 2 hits & knockdown
Back Throw A knee bash followed by a somersault throw. 2 hits & knockdown

Specials Edit

Name Input Description Frame Data Notes
3A A horizontal fireball. 10/-/39 Disappears on contact with another projectile
1A A rising antler "uppercut." 4/16/21 Juggles, invincible up through 8f active.
3B A charging antler headbutt. 7/22/16 Juggles
1B An advancing jump kick followed by a somersaulting antler strike. 4/13/31 2 hits, knockdown, invincible up through all of active.

Meter Options Edit

Tenchi gains meter by performing his special moves. It takes 6 specials to fill his meter. When full, meter can be spent on a single "Rumble Fireball."

Name Input Description Frame Data Notes
Rumble Fireball A+B A super-charged version of his fireball. 7/-/40 Cancels projectiles, 4 hits, juggles

His Rumble Fireball cannot be canceled into from a special move, but there are several ways to combo special into super:

  • Special fireball can combo if it is done quickly at a very particular range.
  • Air antlers can combo if it hits a jumping opponent near the end of its active frames.
  • Charge antlers can combo if it hits at the very end of its active frames.

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Combos Edit

2A x (3B or 3A) (Confirm from low poke) [ 2 hits ]

5A 5A x 3B (Knockdown, instant 3A for meaty fireball on their wake up) [ 3 hits ]

(j.B or j.A) 5A 5A x 3B [ 4 hits ]

(j.B or j.A) 5A 5A x 1B [ 5 hits ]

(j.A or j.B) 5A 5A x A + B [ 7 hits ]

anti-air 1A (juggle) 1B [ 3 Hits] (You can press and hold the 1B button directly after 1A)

anti-air 1A (juggle) A+B [ 5 Hits ]

Any normal except for 2B will combo into A+B

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Revisions Edit

Below is a list of changes to the character from version to version.

Pre-Alpha to Alpha Edit

  • Standing B was changed from an overhead axe kick to a hook punch.
  • Kick Launcher was changed to Antler Flip.
  • Rumble Counter was removed.

Alpha 0.2.1 Edit

  • Super motion changed to A+B, from 3A+B.

Alpha 0.2.2 Edit

  • Hurtbox size increased during 3A to make the move more vulnerable to crossups.

Alpha 0.3.1 Edit

  • Hitting Tenchi out of 3B no longer puts him in crouch state.

Alpha 0.3.4 Edit

  • 2B+A now knocks higher, allowing followup hits more often.

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Trivia Edit

  • During planning and early development, Tenchi was nicknamed "Danny Deerhoof."[1]

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